A Journey: Self Discovery & Introspection

My journey began in a tucked away taqueria; where fresh, local food is of abundance, and a haven for community is provided so those from the area could gather and enjoy all that feeds the soul.

A discussion I previously had with a friend prior to getting dinner at this taqueria, was what sparked my yearning to embark on this journey. Our talk consisted mainly of day-dreaming upon the moment we could escape reality. Roam land in which a concrete empire wasn't built upon, and our spirits could wander without constraint.

This thought, turned into an action within the matter of 24 hours.

I had been so discontent with where my life had been the past year, I didn't feel like what I was doing was enough or the path I wanted to continue upon. I was uninspired and deprived... of life, of creativity, of all the things that made me whole and who I am. I used this unsettling feeling inside me to fuel my fire within. Later that evening, at the taqueria, I got dinner with my mom. We sat down, shared conversations over chips and guac.

Our waiter came out with our main course, and as I began to eat, I also began to cry.

Now, you might be thinking "was the food really that good?" and while it indeed was, that was also not why I was crying.

I had been carrying so many emotions, like weights upon my shoulders, that the thought of being in a state of unhappiness any longer made me burst.  I suppressed my intuition, for I was constantly bombarded with outside opinions telling me what I should or shouldn't be doing. I came to a breaking point that evening, with the thought of the my previous conversation dancing around in my mind encouraging what I was about to say...

"I'm moving to Hawaii."

I kind of word vomitted this sentence, and it sure as hell was not stated as simply as that. With a mixture of tears and explanation, I began to collect my thoughts to try and elucidate the matter.

I explained that I needed to be in an environment that was healing, a space I could completely unfold into my natural state and not worry about the judgment of those around me. Do some soul searching and feel 100% comfortable in my own skin. I needed to be doing something larger than myself, working towards a bigger picture. I wanted to be involved, get a hands on experience with sustainable farming and meet new faces from different places.

So Hawaii it was.

The place I knew best to do all these things and more, a place that wasn't too far from home but far enough that I could elude from and find myself again.